How To Get The Best Listing Photos in

Today, 89% of all people in the market to buy a home begin their search online. That means they won’t actually see your house till late in the process. And that also means that they will rely almost entirely on your online listing photos to make their purchasing decisions. So f you want to sell your home, you’ll need top-notch listing photos coupled with some creative online marketing. Here’s how to get the best listing photos in .

Hire a Professional Photographer

Probably the most important thing you can do to get the best listing photos in is to hire a professional photographer who specializes in real estate.   As your agent, this is something I do for you.  And by experience, it is worth it to get a quicker sale at a better price. Professionals will have the equipment for high-quality photos – much better than you’ll take with your smartphone. And, remember, most home shoppers will use those photos to make their decisions, so they must be top notch.

Listen to Your Agent

Finally, if you truly do want to get the best listing photos in , listen to your agent because she knows what appeals to buyers. Listing photos can mean the difference between a sale or your house sitting on the market unsold for months and months. They are really that important. So lean on the expertise of your local agent to get the best photos possible, the ones that will actually sell your house.

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